Tarte Cosmetics Review: Grav3yard Girl Swamp Queen Palette


So… does this thing really work?!

About a month ago, I went a little crazy and bought a handful of items from the Tarte Cosmetics website. What more do you expect from little old me? If it’s makeup, you KNOW I am bound to do some impulse buying! Anyways, amongst other items, I decided to splurge and purchase the Grav3yard Girl Swamp Queen Palette. I had heard rave reviews on it and I figured “Why not?”.

Let me start off by saying that this palette is absolutely beautiful. Not only is it an eyeshadow palette with 9 shadows available, it also includes a contour shade, blush, AND highlighter. Seriously, this palette is to die for! *insert heart eyes emoji here* Just from my initial impression upon opening up the palette, I was quite excited to see the shadow colors. All are great everyday shadow colors for the eyes, and the plum selection gives a great day-to-night transition option, which is a major plus in my opinion. There are beautiful shimmers and bold mattes in this palette, making it a dynamic and beautiful palette to work with.

Eyeshadow swatches:


Without flash (left to right): #SFS, Natural Peaches, Dogman, Big Baby, Sassybun, Sippy Sippy, Haunting, Uncommon, and Mancat


With flash

Contour, blush, and highlight swatches:


Without flash (left to right): Sweet Tea (contour), Does this thing really work? (blush), and Gator Wings (highlight)


With flash

After trying this out for the past month, I have honestly found myself reaching for it more than all of my other palettes. I love the versatility of the looks I can create from the shadows, and the contour shades work very well with my skin tone which makes me a very happy girl! I must say, the highlight shade (Gator Wings) brings just the right balance of shimmer and natural highlight that makes for a beautiful glow. The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, easily blend-able, and stay on all day with no fading. All in all, I highly recommend this palette if you have not gone out and bought it! If you are at all hesitant to purchase, now is the time to order on the Tarte Cosmetics website because they are having their end of the year sale and luckily this palette is one of the items on sale. It usually retails for $45 USD, but right now it is $30 USD, and trust me this palette is worth it!

Tarte has quickly become my favorite makeup brand this year, and it has a lot to do with the fact that their products are just spot on. Not only are they animal cruelty free, but their products are very natural, which helps improve our skin and enhances our natural beauty. In a world where we love to play with makeup and try new products, it’s great to know that there are companies like Tarte who want to create makeup products that are beautiful but that are also not harmful to our skin and body.

Thank you beautiful people for checking in with me! Until next time!

Are there any other Tarte fans out there? If so, please let me know what your favorite Tarte products are! I’d love to try out more of their products!



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