Mini Makeup Haul: Morphe and Sephora!

Happy Friday beautiful people!

I recently ordered a new brush set from Morphe Brushes and I am IN LOVE with it, so I wanted to share it with everyone. This brush set is called ‘Copper Dreams’ and includes 12 beautiful brushes. I am obsessed with white and rose gold combinations for pretty much anything, and when I saw this on the Morphe Brushes Instagram, I knew I had to get them when they came out!

The set includes a powder brush, an angled blush brush, a duo fiber foundation brush, a deluxe shadow brush, a 1″ flat contour brush, a blender brush, a deluxe highlight brush, a firm blending fluff brush, a round blender brush, an eyeshadow brush, a bullet crease brush, and an angled liner brush. All of these brushes also fit nicely in a large, yet travel friendly rose gold case. I love brush sets like these that come with the travel case because it allows me to bring my brushes during my travels without having to worry about them getting damaged, as well as the fact that I can use both ends of the case as brush holders at home. Super useful!


I also spent some time on the Sephora site debating what I should spend the Sephora gift card I got for Christmas, on. After going back and forth between all of the palettes, lip products, and skin care I wanted, I settled on FINALLY purchasing the Anastasia Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette. Now I know this has been out in the market for a while now and I am late to the game, but I figured I should still share my purchase with you all because I am still really excited to finally have this palette in my possession! The colors are beautiful and I honestly cannot wait to play around with all of the shadows! Looking forward to swatching these shadows soon (potential post in the near future?)!



I also purchased the Deluxe Tartiest Eyeliner Set because I have been wanting to try out these clay paint liners and I figured this was a great way of seeing how the product works with my skin type, without having to commit to the full size product. I have high hopes for this product, but knowing Tarte, these eyeliners look very promising! Plus, look at how cute they are! I am really happy that I get to try the brown shade as well, because who doesn’t love a more natural look once in a while? Bonus too, with the cute, little angled eyeliner brush!


Overall, really excited with this mini haul, and I am super excited to try these out this weekend! Please tell me I am not alone with this “after Christmas” shopping craze… Hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do (by that I mean: accept her love and obsession of shopping and makeup)… also, it’s a new year, why not?!

Until next time, beautiful people!

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to 2017!



8 thoughts on “Mini Makeup Haul: Morphe and Sephora!

  1. CleiaBeauty says:

    I have yet to try any Morphe brushes but I’ve heard so many good things about them! I love the gold handles πŸ™‚ My current brush set came from amazon and is rapidly falling apart, I’ll go with Morphe next time!

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