SoCal rainy day vibes #ootd

Hello beautiful people!

Today Southern California experienced some much needed rain, and boy was I happy! I am that type of person who loves gloomy, cloudy, and rainy days… Disney movies and cuddles all day am I right? Unfortunately, your girl had to adult and went to work today, but that did not stop me from rocking some Disney inspired “comfies” and my favorite cozy sorority letters. Obviously, I am still in denial that I have graduated college! But hey, any opportunity I get to rep the amazing organization I took part in during undergrad., I will take (shoutout to my fellow Tri Delta sisters)!!


Outfit details: Mermaid beanie (, Oversized distressed denim jacket (forever21), and Tri Delta Letters (customized from Etsy)

Today was just asking for me to wear one of my favorite hats and I could not resist! I have had this beanie for a couple of years now, and I am still so obsessed with it.Β If you all have not guessed yet, my favorite Disney princess is Ariel and I am a sucker for anything mermaid! This beanie was inspired by the one and only Little Mermaid, and while it is not available anymore, there are many more magical items from the online store (cakeworthy). If you love Disney, go check out this website, you will love all of the cute accessories they make!


If you would like more of a peek into my life, please follow my instagram (personal: audrieferr, disney instagram: missdisneydarling)! I would love to see some of you on there so we can follow each other’s day to day adventures! Feel free to leave me a message to let me know you came from here, too! My goal is to share on here (eventually), what I share there. Please bare with me on this transition!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, we have almost made it to the weekend! Friendly reminder that you are capable of amazing things, if you are going through something difficult just know that you are never alone and you WILL get through it, promise! YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE LOVED.

Until next time, beautiful people!



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