Tarte Haul…yet again!

Alright… who predicted I would be purchasing more Tarte products?

Typical Audrie am I right?

This time around I HAD to go for the Tarteist Pro Glow palette. I have been wanting to try out this highlight/contour palette, and have heard wonderful things about it, so it was time to put that beauty in my shopping cart! The holiday set of tarteist lip paints were also on sale and I was torn between purchasing a full size of the lip paint or trying out all of these mini ones. There was a great deal going on, and because I was intrigued by the color selection from the holiday pack, I opted to try it out!




So far I have used fire as a highlight, and I think it is beautiful. I cannot wait to try the others and also dabble with the contour shade. I have medium/tan skin and I definitely feel that I will get a lot of use out of “lit” and “fire,” and I hope I can pull off “strobe” and “stunner” because I feel those with more fair skin would have greater use out of those highlights. If all else fails, I am sure I could use these on the eyes!

A bit about the formulation: this palette is extremely creamy and pigmented, which really blew me away! When I swatched them, they applied smoothly and beautifully.



From left to right: Soul, Mani, Candy, Latte, Perf, Spicy, Honey, and Juicy


From the swatches alone, I can tell that I would be a big fan of Soul, Mani, Perf, Spicy, and Juicy. Those colors are seriously right up my alley! So far, I have actually only tried Honey and Candy. Candy turned out being a great nude for me, which I was really surprised by. I thought that with the peachy tones of it, it would not suit my tan skin tone, but it was refreshingly different for me in a good way. Honey was also beautiful on, and I honestly think it would be a great color on all skin tones. The formulation of these lip paints so far, has also been very smooth and pigmented. The application is easy and really just glides on the lips, allowing for a smooth and even application. The staying power is alright, but that is not a big deal for me, as it does not claim to stay on for a long period of time (unlike the Tarte quick dry lip paints – which are AMAZING by the way!).

Overall, I was not disappointed with my purchase. When have I ever been disappointed by Tarte? I swear they are really killing the makeup game with everything they do. I have heard rave reviews on their Shape Tape concealer, and I am also really interested in trying their Rainforest of the Sea Foundation, so maybe those will be in my next Tarte Cosmetics purchase? We will all have to wait and see!

I would love to hear if anyone has tried the Rainforest of the Sea Foundation! If you or anyone you know has tried it, please let me know how it has worked! I have oily/combination skin and I am on the lookout for a really great, full coverage foundation. Help a sista out, and let me know if you have any recommendations or if you like the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation!

Until next time beautiful people!



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