Alfred Coffee X Minnie Mouse!

Hello beautiful people!

It has been incredibly rainy here in southern California, but that did not stop me from going down to my nearest Alfred Coffee in L.A. to celebrate National Polka Dot Month and the ULTIMATE style icon, Minnie Mouse! Alfred Coffee partnered with Minnie Mouse and throughout the month of January, they offered sleeves with Minnie Mouse inspired designs. It all ended with a bang today, on National Polka Dot Day (January 22nd), with celebrations at Downtown Disney in Disneyland and at Walt Disney World, as well as all Alfred Coffee locations throughout Los Angeles.


My favorite sleeve!

Today was the last day to receive the cutest Minnie Mouse coffee sleeves, and you bet I was going to be there! My boyfriend and I literally trekked through puddles and streams of water as torrential rain poured on us, but the hot chocolate and coffee we ordered quickly warmed us up.


An added bonus to visiting this month was getting to take a picture next to the cutest Minnie Mouse painted wall right outside the cafe. Seriously, I was not going to pass up this photo op, even with the rain!


Did anyone else celebrate National Polka Dot Month with Minnie? I would love to see or hear how you rocked the dots this past month!



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