Gushing over Tiffany & Co.

It has been a month since Christmas and I still continue to get butterflies when I look down and see this T&Co. cuff on my arm from my love!


This was actually my first piece of jewelry from Tiffanys so to say I was excited to get this from my boyfriend, is an understatement! I have been obsessed with Tiffany and Company for as long as I remember. From being obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffanys, and Tiffany Blue being my favorite color… not to mention my name is Audrie, it has been a baby dream of mine to get something from Tiffanys! I could never get myself to spend that much on myself, but I had always dreamed of one day treating myself to something if an occasion ever presented itself.

A little backstory: my boyfriend and I have been together for over six and half years (eeep!), so I was surprised that after all these years, he finally got me a little something in that little blue box! He by no means had to spend so much on me for my Christmas present, but the fact that he did makes me realize even more, just how special and amazing he is. I am so incredibly thankful and lucky to have a man in my life who treats me like a princess each and everyday. I love you, handsome! Thank you for spoiling me with this amazing gift (I know you are reading this)!

I know it is way past Christmas, but I am refusing to believe we are well into 2017!

What was your favorite gift this past Christmas? I’d love to hear about any sentimental and thoughtful gifts you beautiful people got!

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