Adventures of Disney APs: Alcoholic Beverages and a new trendy picture spot!

Hello beautiful people!

This past weekend my boyfriend and I took the plunge and renewed our Disneyland Annual Passes (adult decisions at their finest)! I knew prices were increasing the next day, so really, did we really have a choice? The answer is a resounding, no.

Our trip consisted of pretty much eating our way through Disneyland and California Adventure, and there were no regrets. We started our day off with a visit to the Cove Bar in California Adventure. Famous for their lobster nachos and delicious alcoholic drinks! Matt opted for some tri-tip sliders and buffalo wings, while I just HAD to get me some lobster nachos… none disappointed by any means. They were all delicious, and worth it for their price. I also got the famous Fun Wheel drink from the secret menu, which I am sure many of you have seen when you walk by the bar. See below, for the amazing-ness! This fruity drink is definitely a must.


Also, quite obsessed with the fact that we were seated at the best table! We got a full panoramic view of Paradise Pier and even more exciting for me, I got to see my favorite princesses down by Ariel’s Grotto next door! Seriously, it unleashed the 5 year old in me. It definitely got me reminiscing of the times Matt took me to dine there and hang out with my favorite girls (haha).


It was a tad cloudy that day, but it didn’t take away from the view by any means. If you have a chance to stop by the Cove Bar (for those of you who are 21 and over), do it! I highly recommend it, and I myself cannot wait to try out more of their specialty drinks on my next visit. Beware though, on busy days, there will be a wait to get a table.



Here’s me being a dork with my delicious drink, and proving myself that getting older definitely has its perks!

We resumed our day exploring, as usual, and I knew I had to visit the wall that everyone in the Disney community has been buzzing about recently. If you are still new to the game, there is this “Blue Wall pics” trend that has been going around. Similar to the super trendy and popular Los Angeles “Pink Wall”that everyone has gone to at this point. No shame, as a blogger and recuperating sorority girl, I have been there too. Honestly, who can resist a pink wall? Anyways, this blue wall is located in California Adventure and is the new big thing to do when you visit. How could I pass up the opportunity?

I suppose all you could say is, make it blue!

*please let me know if you get this reference, haha*


Can’t wait to see everyone get their own pics in front of the blue wall! Pretty sure this is the “pink wall” of Disney. Also don’t forget to stop by the Cove Bar when you’re in California Adventure next time!

Until next time beautiful people!




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