A Magical Valentine’s Date with my forever Valentine

Hello beauties!

Let me start off by saying that I have never been so speechless about a date in my life, but that certainly changed this Valentine’s Day. Matt took me to the most beautiful and breathtaking restaurant for our Valentine’s date, and I am still in awe…! For those who are wondering where we went, it was this beautiful Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills, and considered “the most romantic restaurant in Los Angeles.” Let me tell you, I was not let down at all!

From the beautiful twinkly lights inside and outside the restaurant, it was absolutely magical. Straight out of a dream, for little old me. Matt knows about my love for twinkly lights, and this was the most perfect place to have a date. We were seated in the patio area, Β lit up with tons of romantic lights, sparkling chandeliers, and surrounded by greenery that made for such a quaint and romantic atmosphere. I especially loved that our table had rose petals spread across, along with a premium candle in a pretty silver candle holder. The ambiance was impeccable.



As for the food, it was very delicious. Even though it was very pricey, we were given a great array of choices from the special Valentine’s fixed menu. My favorite part however, was the dessert. We were served a heart spaded red velvet cake layered with white chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries, wrapped in white chocolate AND a heart shaped flourless chocolate cake, with Belgian chocolate ganache…. SO GOOD!

Also a huge shoutout to the great service we received, and the manager who wouldn’t stop taking pictures of us (lol).



It is safe to say that I will never forget this Valentine’s Day, and I am so thankful to have shared another year of love with this handsome man! Cheers to seven wonderful Valentine’s, my love!



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