Valentine’s Day: #MOTD {ft. ColourPop & Modern Renaissance Palette}

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you had a wonderful and love-filled Valentine’s Day, whether it was spent with your gal pals, best buds, your family, or a special someone! Valentine’s is not just for people in a relationship, but is a day to celebrate love – so I hope everyone had a great day celebrating love!

For Valentine’s, my boyfriend took me out to a fancy shmancy dinner in L.A., and I wanted to share with you all, my makeup for the night. I really wanted to pull out a lot of reds, pinks, and deep purples – because, why not? If there was any day to use those colors in my makeup look, today was the day! I went less red however, to avoid the typical “red everything” look, and it ended up looking pretty great despite my lack of actual preparation for what eye look I wanted to do.

Because I wanted to use a lot of vibrant warm colors, I opted to use my Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette and used a shadow from my new ColourPop Valentine’s Edition eyeshadow duo.



One Of A Kind Pressed Powder Duo: Going Steady (left) is a matte wine and Pinky Promise (right) is a metallic wine

Can we just talk about how cute this packaging is though? Literally, could not get any cuter!

Side note: I believe the Valentine’s collection is limited edition and some of the collection may already be sold out, but I know for sure ColourPop is selling the eyeshadows as singles, so if you like one or both of the shadows in the duo above, go check out the ColourPop website! I also purchased the Short and Sweet mini lip kit, and while I didn’t use this in my Valentine’s look, these colors are seriously to die for. This kit is still available, so go check it out! It includes a little bit of everything: two matte finishes, two satin finishes, and one glossy finish – so there is something for every occasion. This especially works for those who are wanting to test out what finish and formulation they like best on their lips and from ColourPop specifically.


Swatches of the eyeshadow duo and lippies:


With flash


Without flash

Now, to get back to what we are initially here for, my Valentine’s eye look. As I stated above, I primarily used the Modern Renaissance palette and from the duo, I used the metallic shadow called Pinky Promise.


PSA: excuse the mess, clearly this palette has been getting a lot of love recently


***I am by no means claiming or trying to be a makeup artist, so sharing this makeup look is purely to show what I managed to put together, with my present makeup abilities. Hopefully it inspires others to play with makeup as well, because I love it so much. Remember that there are no rules, but regardless of what we put on our face, our inner beauty is the most important thing.***

So for my eye look, I started by putting a mixture of Raw Sienna and Warm Taupe in my crease and buffed it out with a brush. To deepen the look, I added some Red Ochre to the outer half, just below the crease – and this helps to provide a foundation for you to build up the deep, red/wine, look we are going for. Next, I took Venetian Red and used a packing brush to pat it onto my whole lid, with a focus closest to my lash line. This helped to really bring out the color. Next, I took a mixture of Antique Bronze and Cyprus Umber and blended that into the outer half of my lids toΒ help give the look more dimension. To finish the look off, I used my finger to pat on Pinky Promise from the One of a Kind duo. I find that by using my finger instead of a brush, the color payoff for glitter and metallic shadows is infinitely better. I didn’t want the look to be too strong, seeing as the colors were already quite bold, so I only patted on a little of the metallic shadow. Lastly, I added a little pop of shimmer by using a mixture of Primavera and Vermeer, to my inner corner to help bring the look together. Quick note, I know it isn’t pictured here, but I also used the same shadows that I used on my lid, on my bottom lashline to balance out the look. And if you know me at all, I cannot do a full glam look without finishing off with a splash of color on my lips. For my lips, I used Maybelline’s matte lipstick in Divine Wine. I love the formulation of Maybelline’s lipsticks because they are never drying. If you haven’t checked them out, do yourself a favor, and please do! They are the best out there in the drugstore.


I am not usually one to use such bold colors for a look, so this was a tad bit out of my comfort zone. The best tip to getting away with using bold colors, is honestly just to keep blending that eyeshadow! I ended up really liking this look, and while I wouldn’t do this on the daily, I could see myself replicating this eye look for a party or another date night.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, sharing where Matt took me on our special Valentine’s date! It was absolutely beautiful and unforgettable, and I am still in awe of the lengths he went to take me on such an amazing date!

Until next time beautiful people!



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