Disney Style: Accessorizing inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Happy Monday beautiful people!

I cannot believe it is already the last Monday of February! This month just flew right by, and it’s insane that March is right around the corner. I am hoping Love Month treated you all well and that you are looking forward to what March has in store!

Speaking of love and the month of March, is anyone else as excited for the release of the Beauty and the Beast live action film? I most certainly am! Emma Watson as our favorite bookworm, a beautiful story, and a magical soundtrack… what more could we ask for? I don’t know about you, but as a Disney lover (more like obsessor), I have been anticipating the release of this movie since it was announced to be in the works a couple of years back. I have been enjoying the BATB merchandise popping up everywhere as well. Hot Topic has a fabulous line by the way, if you are looking to find the perfect Disneybound outfit for a Disney trip/for when you go see the film in theatres, or if you are looking to accessorize with some pieces inspired by BATB. To my surprise, I found some adorable pieces at my local Target store. Word of caution though, I found the line in the little girls section. I found a selection of clothing and some accessories on a shelf, but what caught my eye was an adorable purse in the shape of a book. Quite fitting to say the least, for a purse inspired by Belle herself.


Seriously though, how cute is this little purse?


As a reference for size, based on my five foot frame. This is the maximum adjustment for the strap.

I will definitely be sporting this when I go see the movie on opening weekend! March 17th could not come soon enough! If you are a Disney lover, Belle enthusiast, or fellow bookworm – I urge you to stop by your nearest Target and snag one of these beauties for your collection. It retails at $12.99 USD, and is well worth the buy, in my opinion.

Now that I have hyped myself up yet again, I’m off to listen to the John Legend and Ariana Grande Beauty and the Beast rendition non-stop until March 17th… kidding. Or am I?

Until next time beautiful people!




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