Disneyland #foodventures continue!

Hello beautiful people!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week. I’m not gonna lie, this is a tougher Monday for me since daylight savings time began yesterday. Who is a fan of losing an hour of sleep? Not I!

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I took our usual day-cation to Disneyland. It was a hot minute since we’ve been there, I know. As passholders for several years now, we love going to Disneyland and literally spending the day eating our way through the parks, instead of waiting in long lines for rides. Been there, done that. For any tips for visiting the parks, do not hesitate to reach out to little old me!

Speaking of tips, if you have not tried the Pomme Frites and Monte Cristo from New Orleans Cafe … two words: you MUST! We love indulging once in a while and treating ourselves to some great New Orleans cajun and creole dishes.




I could not resist stopping by the Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland to try the Grey Stuff! Disneyland is really stepping up their game for the Beauty and the Beast movie with , and I could not be more excited to take part in all things BATB! Matt and I shared the two delicious desserts offered, the Grey Stuff Gâteau and the Lemon Rose Cake. The Lemon Rose Cake was beautiful but I will not be purchasing it again due to the bland taste of it. The Grey Stuff Gâteau however, was delicious! It was super sweet, but for all those who love a good red velvet, this is the dessert for you. I was certainly not disappointed by the Grey Stuff! Lumiere was not lying!



The Red Rose Taverne should be staying at Disneyland indefinitely, so if you are headed for a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, do not miss out on the DELICIOUS Grey Stuff!

Stay tuned for more Disney related posts coming this week from my latest trip!

Until next time, beautiful people! Have a magical Monday!




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