Slight deviation from the world of glam and fantasy – a glimpse into reality: Because there comes a time when you have to speak up.

Hello beautiful people!

So I am writing today in the hopes of sharing a very real and personal part of my life. Simply put, a post shedding some light on the reality of things outside of my world filled with pretty makeup and fun Disney adventures. 

For about two and a half years now, I have been closely watching my social media. Now many of you may be asking yourself, why? I have officially asked myself the same question, and my answer is: because there are some people out there who like to purposefully tear others down when they see that they are happily living their life. We call those bullies. Even sadder than that, are cyberbullies, who hide like cowards behind a screen. Cyberbullying comes in many forms, and that is the conclusion I have come to, for what I am about to share.

For the past two years, I was away at college.  I left my hometown and lived a life of my own. At one point when I was looking through my various social media accounts, I kept stumbling upon someone who either kept making snide remarks or comments based on whatever I posted, or would literally copy the subject/idea/topic of something I posted (not sure if they were mocking me or doing it to purposefully bother me). Sometimes this person would wait a day or two, if they could wait a bit, sometimes a week or so… but as time went on, the posts would come as soon as the next hour. Coincidence? I think not. It couldn’t be. I kept this to myself for a very long time, probably about a year, before I needed to confide in someone to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, or being conceited or self-centered. After all, why would someone care about what I do and what I say so much? I eventually showed my boyfriend along with the countless screenshots (dates, time stamps, and all) that I took each time it happened. Trust me when I say that those have accumulated, and they would be embarrassed if those screenshots were exposed. Anyways, my boyfriend could not believe what was going on. We were trying to  figure out why someone would do such a thing, but came to no logical answer. That is largely in part due to the fact that there is NO logical answer for why someone would go out of their way to imitate someone so blatantly and frequently. That is what makes someone a bully. Regardless of why someone would do this, it is still wrong. No matter how this situation is presented, I can’t help but say that what they are doing is absolutely sad and pathetic. I don’t understand why someone would make life a competition. It is not and never will be a competition. I am sorry that this person is acting so immature, unhappy with their life, and stuck in their ways that they cannot grow as a person. I truly am.

To the person who continually goes out of their way to push my buttons, I wish you the best (because I am sure you have taken the liberty to cyberstalk me on here too, so you’ll have something to mock in a future post). I thank you for reminding me what not to be, and giving me something extremely meaningful to write to the world about in the hopes that others will also learn not to become bitter, competitive and immature like you. 

Remember, you are not what someone says about you, especially on social media. All of the mean things they say and do to bring you down, all of the rude and snide remarks they make about your positivity and kindness, is really just a reflection on them and their negativity. Do not be discouraged by them. Live your life the way you want, be kind, be positive, stay humble, and let your success speak for itself.  Never let a cyberbully take away your happiness and success, rise above those who choose to bring others down and help others seek positivity, kindness, and love rather than be brought down by hate and anger. 

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