Why Thirteen Reasons Why is a true testament of our world today:

Hello beautiful people!

As I am sure many of you have heard or already marathon-ed, the Netflix Original Series: Thirteen Reasons Why, came out just this past weekend. It has gained so much attention and positive reviews that it makes my heart so happy. To see something out there that is sending such strong, controversial and positive messages, is truly amazing.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have been waiting so long for a movie or series to be made out of one of my favorite books. I remember reading this back in 8th grade when the book had just came out, and I was incredibly impacted by the compelling story that was being told, as well as the messages about bullying that were being made. If you have been keeping up with me, I am sure you read my recent post about my personal experience with cyberbullying (see here). The truth of the matter is, bullying and cyberbullying is an all too real reality. While most people experience it, it doesn’t make it any easier.

It is so easy these days to hide behind a screen and make hurtful comments, write “subtweets,” and make up rumors about people. It is evident from the story that those people hiding behind their screens, their lies, and their fake personas are truly cowards. We can only hope that whatever is making these people so nasty, will stop, and that they will learn that their words and actions have consequences.

What I love most about this story is how real it is. I admire the fact that it is touching on subjects that are incredibly difficult to talk about and to experience. As someone who studied psychology in undergrad, I LOVE movies and shows that reveal the complexities of emotion and the psychology behind those tough situations. I love psychology and I love what this movie stands for. More people need to realize that there truly is more than meets the eye, and everyone IS going through life differently, each with their own struggles, and no one has the right to be nasty and mean to others.

A main point from the book and series is that one person CAN make a difference in someone else’s life. One person’s kindness can mean the world to someone. That is something that I have taken with me throughout life. There is a reason why I chose to study psychology and why I try my very best to be kind and to spread kindness, because I know that there are people in this world who need it. At times, even I am that person. We all are.

If you have not read the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. It is an amazingly written story that will change your life.  It changed my life 10 years ago, and continues to impact who I am today in my adult life. After reading the book, I urge you to watch the series on Netflix. I was so invested that I literally went through it so fast. It was beautifully done and honestly lived up to my expectations. You will not regret jumping into this story, I promise.

Until next time beautiful people!



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