Another day, another Disney adventure!

Hello beautiful people!

I am finally getting around to dishing out some details from my latest trip to Disneyland, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I know Easter is coming up, but for anyone who is able to take a trip down to Disneyland, California Adventure, or just Downtown Disney, the Eggstravaganza is happening once again this year at the parks and it is so fun! I had never gone before due to scheduling issues, so I was practically five years old throughout the duration of the egg hunt. The greatest part is that you don’t need to purchase a ticket into either of the parks to participate in this fun spring event. For those who want to join in on the fun, there is an egg hunt specifically done in Downtown Disney for the same prizes and price! Matt and I opted for the Disneyland Eggstravaganza and it was really fun to see the cute Easter eggs hidden throughout the park.

FullSizeRender 17

I also finally got a chance to try out the Pirates of the Caribbean Golden Churro and it was AMAZING. I was a little skeptical because I heard it was lemon flavored, and often times, those can be a hit or a miss. This golden churro however, was a hit! It tasted almost like a churro coated in fruity pebbles, and I honestly loved it. Currently craving one right now actually…! I am hoping these stick around for a while because I’m already looking forward to getting another on my next trip!


Can we just take a second and talk about how adorable the Eggstravaganza prizes are? I can’t wait to go hunting next year and collect even more of these cute little eggs!

I was also super excited to rock my new Beauty and The Beast flannel in the parks…so of course I HAD to have a mini photo shoot featuring my #ootd at the famous Blue Wall (see Β hereΒ to read all about the Blue WallΒ trend). Pretty sure I’ll be collecting blue wall pics from here on out… Can we say basic? Sorry, not sorry.


As per usual, I’m already super stoked for my next Disney day. At the rate I’m there these days, I seriously might as well live at Disneyland!

Be on the lookout for another post featuring my Disney #foodventures, including a special tip about those famous, delicious Mickey Waffles we all love!

Until next time beautiful people!



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