Zebras, Giraffes, and Wine … Oh my!

Hello beautiful people!

Good news, I am on break from school for two weeks! It may be short, but I am making the most of it. A girl’s gotta #hustle after all. When you only get two weeks off, you become determined to pack those two weeks with fun adventures… or some sleep! For those who are pushing through with school like I am, you know where I am coming from. Anywho… I wanted to share with everyone my celebratory adventure my boyfriend and I went on this weekend. If you’re from California, I am sure you have heard buzz about Malibu Wines and the now, super popular, Malibu Wine Safari. It is pretty self explanatory. Depending on the tour you choose, you get to feed various animals on the tour of the Saddle Rock Vineyard, and you get to taste some wine along the way all while getting to explore the beautiful property.


My boyfriend and I (mostly me, since I am obsessed with Giraffes and safaris) opted for the Giraffe Tour where you get to meet Stanley the famous Giraffe who lives in Saddle Rock. Honestly, I would have gone just to hang out with Stanley, but the wine tasting and tour was just a plus! Seriously, look at how adorable he is!

IMG_7913FullSizeRender 36FullSizeRender 35

For anyone in the Southern California area or those who are traveling to California or passing through, I HIGHLY recommend going to one of these safari tours in Malibu. It is great for couples, groups of friends, and also families since there is a Family Safari where kids are welcome. There’s something for everyone. Animal lovers and wine lovers will really enjoy the experience provided through the safaris offered by Malibu Wines. My favorite thing about this safari was the ability to spend as much time as you wanted with the animals or seeing the land. It didn’t feel rushed whatsoever, so guests are able to interact, take pictures and simply hang out, with no pressures or immediate timeframes.

TIPS: For anyone who is planning on going or wants to go, I recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. While walking is minimal on the safari, I definitely suggest ladies stay away from heels of any sort, as well as dresses. You will be hopping on and off the touring vehicle and I would hate for anyone to have any sort of outfit related accidents! Dress cute but comfortable, bring sunglasses or a hat, and maybe something to wipe your hands on after feeding the cute animals (lol).


FullSizeRender 38

Matt and I can’t wait to go back already!

Until next time my loves,



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